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Why Investing In Cryptocurrency Is Easier Than Stock Exchange

The stock exchange is a place where investors can buy and sell stocks. Basically, when you invest in stocks, you are buying sha...
August 10, 2022

Guarda Wallet Introduces Its Prepaid Visa Card

Guarda Wallet is thrilled to announce the release of its own prepaid Visa card. You can use this card anywhere Visa is accepted...
August 9, 2022

What cryptocurrency should I choose to invest in 2022?

While having a new cryptocurrency in your portfolio can be exciting, the market is particularly volatile. Traders need to be aw...
August 8, 2022

Why Invest In margin trading crypto

The cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy, and the vast majority of traders don’t yet have their feet on the ground. Th...
August 7, 2022

Colombia to Put Land Titles on the XRP Ledger, to Certify Land Ownerships

In an effort to resolve land distribution conflicts, the Government of Colombia partners with Ripple. Colombia to Put Titles of...
August 6, 2022

US Securities and Exchange Commission Moves to Virtually Reopen Discovery against Ripple

In a recent tweet, a member of Ripple’s legal team, James K.Filan, shared Ripple’s request asking the court to allow the firm t...
August 5, 2022

Bitcoin’s Fair Value is $40k & Already Hit the Bottom, Says SkyBridge’s Founder

Founder and Managing Partner at SkyBridge Capital, an investment management firm, Anthony Scaramucci, recently gave an intervie...
August 4, 2022

United Kingdom to Recognize Crypto as a New Asset Class, as the Law Commission Publishes a Consultation Paper

England and Wales law commission puts forward a proposal of recognizing digital assets as a new property type. As part of the U...
August 3, 2022

XRP Goes Downwards as Ripple Unlocks One Billion XRP Tokens

Ripple unlocks 1 billion from the escrow wallet. Ripple Releases 1 Billion XRPs In a recent development, Ripple has unlocked 1 ...
August 2, 2022

Special And Unique Features To Examine

NFTs are similar to the other tokenized currency or Digital tokens where the individual does not have unique participation and ...
July 31, 2022