Bitcoin -2,895.17
$49,287.00 -5.8741%
Ethereum 98.91
$4,176.12 2.36853%
XRP -0.05
$0.84 -6.13326%
Litecoin -15.48
$161.98 -9.55533%
Bitcoin Cash 6.93
$513.10 1.35138%
Binance Coin -11.52
$566.05 -2.03533%
Chainlink -1.81
$20.31 -8.90833%
EOS -0.44
$3.14 -14.02778%


DOGE Not Good for Crypto as it has “Inflationary Dynamics”, CEO Ripple Brad Garlinghouse.

Ripple CEO is not fond of meme coin “DOGE”, as he dismisses it for having “inflationary dynamics”. Inflationary Dynamics of DOG...
November 25, 2021

Despite Few Corrections, Crypto Total Market Grew by $2 Trillion During the Year

As we lead towards the end of the year, let’s just have a recap. Though the crypto has grown significantly across all the relev...
November 24, 2021

TVL on Ethereum Layer-2 Surges to an All Time High, as Network’s Gas Fee Continues to Increase

Despite increasing gas fees, TVL(Total Value Locked) on Ethereum Layer-2 has doubled in the past month. TVL on Ethereum Layer-2...
November 23, 2021

Get to know how to trade with Exness

Making investments over the internet has become an everyday activity for people who want to get extra money, so they resort to ...
November 22, 2021

ODL is a ‘killer value proposition to RippleNet’ Says General Manager RippleX

Despite its ongoing battle with the US securities watchdog SEC, Ripple has been making a ton of progress across multiple sector...
November 21, 2021

While the BTC Could Go Through a Correction to $48k, a Rally is still on the Charts

Just last week it was cheered that $100 billion was added to the crypto market cap within a day, as it grew to $1 trillion, and...
November 20, 2021

Ripple Puts Forward a Formal Proposal Concerning Crypto Regulation in the US

Ripple finally puts forward a formal proposal to regulate the crypto industry. Ripple Proposes Bases of Crypto Regulatory Frame...
November 19, 2021

Crypto Craze Continues as the Most Successful Australian Baseball Club Moves to Pay Stars in BTC

Crypto craze continues to spread like fire across all fields recently. Perth Heat to Pay Stars in BTC Recently the single most ...
November 18, 2021

As President Joe Biden Signs the Infrastructure Bill, Bitcoin Goes Down Below $60K

Bitcoin plunges and plunges hard as the Premier Cryptocurrency goes down below $60,000. Crypto, a Sea of Red Since Bitcoin has ...
November 17, 2021

Crypto’s Market Cap Grows Up by $100 Billion, as Bitcoin Surpasses $66,000

Approximately $100 Billion added to crypto aggregated market cap, as the Premier Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, together with others ...
November 16, 2021